Photojournalism was one class I definitely enjoyed while at UTK...and I'm still enjoying the benefits of it!  Thanks, Prof. Rob Heller.  As if these weren't enough, if you want more samples of my "work" (talk about misnomers!) just look around the site; if I'm not in it, chances are I took it!

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...and a few more pics below (some also link to Picasa)

Krystye Wilson Band, plus Louie Wamp...and there's a drummer back there, too.



Krystye Wilson Band helps celebrate the 1st anniversary of Backstage Chattanooga

The Tennessee Aquarium, Chattanooga's crown jewel of tourism and development  



Tin Pan South 2006.  Click to see the online album.
Click the pic to see the online album

Danielle Peck at 3rd & Lindsley; click for her myspace


Mission work has its ups and downs; from a trip to inner-city S.F., 1991.


Did Salvaldor Dali have a ranch on the Big Island, too?

A ghostly image of Jenn Daniels  

Elizabeth Papalia showcase.  Click for more.
Click the pic to see the online album

Bob Regan trippin with FAB

Tin Pan South 2007.  Click to see the online album.
Click the pic to see the online album


Yankee Grey at Lake Winnie    Yankee Grey at Lake Winnie    Yankee Grey at Lake Winnie


Dear Alison Brown; How many musicians does it take to plug in a Czechoslovakian banjo?

Ken Cardillo in a reflective mood...get it?

When Mac Davis played for NSAI Song Camp 102 in 2002,
he really put on quite a wonder he finds it
so hard to be humble.

Pierce Pettis at the Urban Art Institute.  I had to paint really fast to keep up with him...


Haleakala, "House of the Sun," Maui, Hawaii.  Just when you need a wide-angle lens...



Athens, Georgia; "The campus is bordered by the lunatic fringe..."


NEA showcase, 1999.  Very crowded, pretty loud, awesome night.  Ashley is like...Aretha Franklin meets Janis Joplin; and such a nice person!